Alternate Version of the Completion Card from Thoth Deck

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Ok, I have only one painting remaining to share. It did not fit in with any of the categories of cards previously released. It is the four Wands, also known as Completion. Each Wand has a Rams head on one end and a Dove on the other. Symbolic of Aries and Venus, respectively. The alternate varies only slightly from the original in that the Wands are arranged in a more balance position in the final , but all the imagery and symbolism remains the same.
Since I have only the one card to share today, I thought I would take the opportunity to share some additional images and a short bio I wrote about this remarkable woman, which can be viewed here:
In the second picture, Frieda can be seen stepping into a car with Crowley and Pearl Brooksmith standing beside her. This is followed by three colored images of Frieda’s “Tracing Boards”—those familiar with the use of tracing boards in masonry will undoubtedly pick up on much of the symbolism. Many of you will recall that these were printed in a large, frameable format a few years ago and have since become quite rare and collectable. Well I was recently contacted by Arild Stromsvag, who has one new full set available. Those interested should contact him directly here on FB.
Over the last six days a total of 31 alternate Thoth cards were shared and, to be honest, I had no idea that I had collected that many, but I am glad that others are finding value in their study. (The tally is as follows: Six alternate Magus cards, seven Ace cards, seven Court cards, ten Trump cards and one small card).
There must be many more out there unaccounted for and I hope that these continue to surface. It would be wonderful if someone with a great deal of patience and the right skills might take it upon themselves to select a few of the black & white images and colorize them. We do of course have a clear idea of the proper colors based upon the officially-adopted counterpart.
(Now that would be a great project!)
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  1. It Appears – To My Great disappointment – That the images of the “Alternative Versions” of the Card Referred To In The Title Is Not Displayed on this Website.

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