New Book on Warhol

Great piece in the New Yorker discussing a new book on Andy Warhol by Blake Gopnik titled, prosaically Warhol. Basically its a Cliff Notes version of the book itself which weighs in at some 900 pp. Why should you care? I dunno. There is an alternate history of modern magick where the most puissant practitioners are not the folks doing ceremonial magick working from grimoires in robes with sigils of planetary intelligences etc but artists literally making something out of nothing – creating visual, sonic, performative, literary work that changes the consciousness and perhaps behavior of all who come into contact with it. You can start with the Parisian Symbolists in the late 19th century, move on to early Abstract artists like Kandinsky, then to Dadaists like Duchamp and Dali — all making extraordinary work that was informed by magico-religious ideals of the time — while not adopting the elaborate tech that Orders like the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, the Flech d’Or, Golden Dawn etc employed. As Crowley (known to daub a bit himself) pointed out – artists are already connected to to Sephiroth Binah.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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