Krewe What Thou Wilt Marched in Their 6th Annual Mardi Gras Parade

“On Friday, February 7th, 2020 Krewe What Thou Wilt marched with Krewe Boheme in our sixth annual Mardi Gras parade. Krewe What Thou Wilt is a project of Alombrados Oasis in the Valley of New Orleans. Established in 2015, we are the first officially recognized O.T.O. presence in Carnival.

“We parade each year under the auspices of Krewe Boheme. As 2020 is the 100-year anniversary of the founding of the Abbey of Thelema, we chose “The Aeon” as our theme and tarot card of the year, depicting Nuit, Hadit and Ra-Hoor-Khuit in procession.  Krewe Boheme’s 2020 theme “The Soaring Twenties,”informed our choice of presenting the parallels between the 1920s and the 2020s, with the promise of the new aeon. As the 20’s unfold we find ourselves fighting the same catyclysmic Aeonic battles over race, sex, and liberation.

“The Revelation of the Book of the Law heralded the New Aeon, signaling the death knell of the Aeon of Osiris. This was the age of “One True Gods”;  jealous patriarchs forever dying and reborn, martyring and wandering through servitude and suffering.

“This New Aeon, envisioned as the Child Horus, crashed through the firmament of the Old, trailing sparks of glory and catastrophe. The Aeon of the Child is exalted in the development of civil rights, surges in equality, free speech and fluid expression, and the digital age: an engine of revolution and open source Library of Alexandria, and every manner of tumult and promise.

“Thelema is a call to embody Horus, the hawk-headed, the crowned and conquering child, who dieth not, nor is reborn, but goeth radiant ever upon their Way. And thus we go, all of us: this is Our wild Aeon, and our Will is to make it radiant.

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The following photographs by Yardley Huber

The following photographs by Margot Clause








Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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