MONDAY! Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter:

“This weekend people all over the world honored Hekate on a night that, for reasons I can’t quite pin down, everyone has decided was her most important ancient festival. Of course, like so much else this festival has no ancient roots at all. I think maybe one year the Dark Moon fell on November 16th and someone celebrated Hekate’s Supper – then instead of continuing with the practice at the dark of the moon, they decided to stick to November 16th. Or maybe it was an attempt to link Saint Hilda to Hekate. I dunno. Over the years that I was receiving the Hekate arcana I asked Hekate about a number of different traditions and symbols that modern Paganism has laid on her and she mostly flatly rejected them. She is not a crone. That Hekate Wheel symbol has zip Hekate’s ancient cults. And November the 16th, January 31, May 7,August 13 or 14, November 30th, don’t have any special significance. Like so much else, they are modern inventions that get labelled ancient.

“Of course, Halloween doesn’t have anything to do with Hekate either and that’;s when I send out the Global Rite. The first New Moon of January and the Perihelion don’t have anything to do with Hekate and Helios either, but that is when Strategic Sorcery engages them together. I chose those times because their symbolism and their general psychic impression on the populace of the present makes them a good choice for those events. Now, I can and will argue all day that November 16th, Hekate’s Wheel, and the crone, have no ancient connection to Hekate, but I am probably not going to convince anyone. Bottom line is people like these things, and find meaning in them, and WANT them to be ancient, whether they are or they aren’t. As Neil Gaiman once noted: “Things need not have happened in order to be true”.

“So Saturday night I performed the Sorcery of Hekate Rite with no other goal than lifting my voice up with hundreds of others from dozens of traditions – all honoring an Ancient Titan that has shown more tenacity than most Gods. IO HEKA IO HO.

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