Prayers To Warm Up Your Deck

Here’s a tidbit from this week’s Monday Magick from Strategic Sorcery:

“Tarot is, at its base, a pretty Christian thing. It doesn’t have to remain that way and I absolutely respect those artists who make decks that are fully Pagan, and the readers who read with them. But there is no escaping that the Visconti/Marseille/SolaBusca imagery is Christian and the entire symbolism of the Major Arcana is pretty well rooted in that religious thought. So, when using cards that are rooted in older cartomantic traditions than the Tarot of Space Pandas I usually call upon Saints to warm up the cards. There are oodles you could choose from, but there are three that I mainly focus on. St Cyprian, St Sara-la-kali, and St Anthony.

Truth be told I usually wing this and just speak from the heart, but I put together a few prayers for a friend a while back that I thought I might share.

O blessed St. Anthony,
the grace of God has made you a powerful advocate
in all our needs and the patron
for uncovering lost and hidden things.
I turn to you today with childlike love and deep confidence.
Help me, through these cards that reflect holy mysteries,
To see what has been hidden,
Uncover what has been lost, and, if it be his will,
To see the hidden unfolding of Gods Holy Plan.
I recommend this question to your holy care.

Oh Sara La Kali,
As you saw the three Mary’s in your mind,
bless me and my cards with second sight.
As your dress calmed the waves and brought the Mary’s safely to shore,
Reveal what will help navigate the waters ahead.
As you were baptized and blessed
Bless me with the ability to interpret the cards.

Oh St Cyprian, Martyr and Mage, Sorcerer and Saint
Lay your hands upon these cards
Bless the Fool and ask him this question
as he steps off the cliff.
(give question)
The fool will speak to the others and together they will answer back.
Revealing what is to be known.

Of course it is said that some things God wishes to keep hidden will always remain hidden when the Saint’s are called upon. If you have divinatory blocks, have a particularly tough question, or just would rather call upon Auld Hornie rather than a Saint, you can always use this: Rub your palms together and take out the devil card. Let the heat and sweat wake up the card and pray.

Lucifer, angel of light and lover of knowledge
I am willing to eat the fruit of gnosis and accept the cost.
Commit again your kindly crime
And speak through these cards of good and evil and truth.
You who fell for freedom, free me from ignorance.

Put the card back in the deck and shuffle.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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