The Special FX of Strange Angel

We have not blogged much about the CBS All Access streaming series “Strange Angel” which — the opening credits say — was “inspired by” George Pendel’s wonderful book of the same name, a well researched book on pioneering rocket scientist and magician, Jack Parsons. The current season, once again, makes some occasional loose reference to historical facts but it not bound overmuch to same. As Lon Milo Duquette said, last year “It looks like a lot of fun.”

Well, here’s a piece on the special FX employed in the series. That’s about as far as they get into magic per se – stage magic, the very thing that led Crowley to label his Art & Science as “Magick” to differentiate it therefrom.

Yass, yass yass – at some point we’ll get a month’s subscription to CBS All Access and binge watch. But first we gotta figger out how to get it to the TV – during last season, hosting changed and suddenly you had to have an Firestick to get it play through Amazon.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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