Boleskine House Clean Up THIS Weekend

Boleskine House Foundation has announced that they’ll be starting the effort to clean the site and begin the long term work of restoration. They’re FB event page says:

“Our first endeavour for this long process of seeing the house restored will be to clear out rubble, remove trash, and find items that may give us clues to what was inside before the fire in order to aid the restoration process.

We ask interested parties who wish to assist to email us at or send us a private message on Facebook. While we ask interested parties to RSVP by clicking “going” on the Facebook event, we will need some further correspondence with you to provide more information before you attend. There will be health and safety procedures you must agree with prior to you making arrangements.

“Before considering volunteering your time, please be sure you understand the following:

“* The house is currently in ruinous condition and you must be prepared to sign a personal injury waiver and volunteers must understand that they are entering the site at their own risk. We will however have professionals on board to ensure that clearance is done in a safe and orderly manner.

“* The site currently has extremely limited facilities. While we plan on having toilets on site, those wishing to camp on the grounds may not have running water or showering facilities. Many who have already pledged their services have arranged for alternate accommodation for this reason, and we believe this is a reasonable consideration. We are going to try to can have the gate lodge showers operational by this point, but it is uncertain as to whether this will be possible. Please watch for updates on this point.

“* We will be filming during this event and so you will need to consent to be filmed during the process. No footage will be released until it has been edited and considered appropriate.

“This is a great opportunity to be hands on at the beginning of what we hope to be pivotal moment in the estate’s history. The owners will all be on site and ready to meet everyone dedicating their generous time. The owners of Boleskine House and the volunteers of the Boleskine House Foundation will be extremely grateful to any and all that can assist us for such a historic event, particularly people from overseas who are going to fly to Scotland to help us.”

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind any donations y’all could make. At this point in time, they’re having to finance ongoing security on site as anti-Thelemic forces recently deliberately set the site on fire, exacerbating done at a previous fire several years ago. Their long term goal is to restore the site and make it available for approved use by Thelemites. Looking over their site and recalling scuttlebutt from Notocon, among those behind these foundation are a number of Thelemites.

Boleskine House fire. Picture: BBC News

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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