Richard Kaczynski Wraps Up Expanded Edition of Panic In Detroit

News from Dr. Richard Kaczynski’s FB:

“One of the three books I’ve been working on celebrates the blue Equinox’s centennial with a revised and expanded edition of ‘PANIC IN DETROIT: The Magician and the Motor City.’

“And when I say expanded, I mean *expanded*. The original 2006 publication was 165 pages long. The new edition will tip the scales at close to 400! What’s new in this edition?

—An overhauled and expanded titular essay;

—For the first time anywhere, transcripts from the Universal Book Stores’ bankruptcy hearings, in which Aleister Crowley, “The Equinox,” and O.T.O. figure very prominently;

—A slew of additional newspaper articles;

—The selection of Crowley-Jones correspondence (not published anywhere else) adds a lengthy letter from C.S. Jones to Aleister Crowley,

—A pair of masonic articles written by Blue Equinox publisher A. W. Ryerson;

—’A Street Guide to Aleister Crowley’s Detroit,’ reprinted from the NOTOCON VIII proceedings book;

—and a BRAND NEW CLOSING PAPER detailing how Crowley’s collection of rare books was lost, found again, and preserved through the efforts of:
* stage magic historian Robert Lund,
* John P. Kowal, Frater Achad’s successor as Universal Brotherhood Mahaguru,
* O.T.O.’s O.H.O. Karl Germer,
* Crowley friend and collector Gerald Yorke,
* Cleveland-born artist Philip Kaplan.

“If you’re unfamiliar with the Detroit saga, this short video will bring you up to speed”:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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