Psychic TV Re-Releasing Trip Re-Set on 2xLP Vinyl This Year

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge recently announced via FB that there’ll be a 2 x LP re-release of Psychic TV’s Trip Re-set coming later this year. This set features contributions from a number of notable character’s including former Mystic Fire Video head William Breeze (also a contributor to Current 93 and Coil) on electric viola and viola synthesizer. Gen’s post says:

“We just read a very clear request, heart felt wish, for us to release “TRIP RESET” on good quality vinyl, remastered. Updated sleeve notes… all thee things any afficianado would want… Well, it’s MY equal favourite Psychic TV album too and we have already remastered it. It will be released in thee Fall as a double album on high quality vinyl with extra notes by me. Uncanny request to read… what Lady Jaye called an ‘Ov Course’ factor…”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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