Satanic Temple Documentary Getting General Release Spring 2019

Word is starting to circulate about the first full length documentary film regarding the theatrically inclined political activion group that’s named itself the Satanic Temple. It’d appear that director “Penny Lane”‘s Hail Satan? documentary is starting to be screened on the American festival circuit and the early reviews from its Sundance premier that we’re seeing are giving it a wholehearted thumbs up.’s review for instance said:

“Even viewers without much political bent can enjoy Hail Satan? as pure theater, the story of a group of colorful iconoclasts subverting the politicians trying to codify Christianity as a state religion. The film is largely about Greaves and the people he and Jarry inspired, and how they’ve developed and spread a message of religious freedom, compassion and empathy, justice, bodily autonomy, and scientific rigor. (The group’s ‘seven tenets’ lay out its fundamental philosophy.) The film can be taken as cheerful entertainment, a roundup of related news, and an insider look at a grassroots political movement.”

The reports that Magnolia Pictures has purchased distribution rights to Hail Satan? and will be giving it a general release — likely via the art film circuit — this Spring.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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