164th Birthday of James Frazer

Sir James George Frazer was born 164 years ago today in 1854.  Frazer was a social anthropologist best known for his seminal study of mythology and comparative religions throughout Europe The Golden Bough. This book documented and pointed out similarities in the magical and religious beliefs from around the world, focusing on Europe, the Middle East and Western Asia. This work was much beloved of the Spiritists,  Theosophists and sundry occultists including Aleister Crowley to whom the idea that there was central truths common to myriad religious traditions was highly appealing.  Crowley in fact authored a series of short stories he titled Golden Twigs, which were based on the Golden Bough, several appearing in The International around 1917. Jim Morrison, the lead vocalist and songwriter of the L.A. based 60’s rock band The Doors was also a fan and a number of chapter headings from The Golden Bough wound up as song lyrics on the first few Doors’ album.



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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