Slay the Mother

More thought provoking advice from Inominandum.

“I talk to students and clients every week looking for solutions to suffering. Find the job, woo the lover., defeat the enemy, get the promotion, lose the weight, Sometimes its just a sticky situation and all you need to do is fix it. Sometimes though, you talk to people who are living the same problem over, and over, and over again. They fix it up with some spellwork, but soon they find themselves back again.

“In cases like these you have to do what Beowulf did and kill the monsters mother as well. This means seeking out what is going on in our lives that gives birth to the same shitty situations over and over again, and slay it. To use a Mahayana phrase we must seek to be “free from suffering, and the causes of suffering”.

“Now of course in the grand sense we suffer because we are human and have human nature, ignorance, or what have you. But we don’t have to get quite that abstract. There is usually a pattern of thinking, a wound that needs healing, a behavior pattern, that steers us back again and again to the same situation. THAT is what we need to slay.

“Its not just the lack of money this week, its our whole attitude towards money itself.
Its not just the lack of a lover, its our self-worth that is off-putting and prevents us from believing we are lovable
Its not just the enemy we are angry at today, its our combatative nature that is constantly embroiling us in conflict.
Its not just our weight, its our identity that we have build around eating and exercise and the value we place on it.

“This is the kind of thing that Strategic Sorcery really excels at. Sure we can get the small fixes to temporary problems. Field reports prove that time and time again. But its the Mothers of our Monsters that we need a true Strategy for slaying.

“The next time you find yourself addressing the same problem that you have been facing again and again, set aside the thought that this is somehow your karma, or your astrologically determined fate. Instead look for the monster and take responsibility for slaying it. ”

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