1-Ton Statue of Baphomet Being Unveiled in Detroit

Our favorite online cultural news outlet (outside of the U.K.’s Daily Mail of course!) DangerousMinds.net has posted an update on the whole kerfuffle involving the statue of “10 Commandments” installed on the grounds of the state capitol in Oklahoma and The Satanic Temple’s one-ton bronze statue of Baphomet which they insist ought to be installed next to the Commandments. Oklahoma’s Supreme Court has ruled that the Commandments must be removed…which undercuts the Temple’s argument that they have the same right to religious representation as Literalist Christians. But as their point was to see that the Literalists oughtn’t have the sole public religious display — it’s all good. Excepting now they’ve got this one-ton Baphomet to, uh… do SOMETHING with.

Well for starters, they’ll give it a public unveiling in Detroit MI July 25 at Berts Warehouse Theater. $25 admission and for $75 ya get your picture taken with the guest of honor. And DJing by William Morrison of Skinny Puppy/OhGr infamy.

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