Ye Olde Mead Goes Mainstream

You know that a trend has become passe when, the New York Times “Metropolitan” touts it as the “next cool”… So, I know that many occultists feel comfy in archaic themed enviroments indulging in antient passtimes, consuming vintage victuals and drinking — MEAD! Yes. Mead has now gone entirely mainstream, or at least made it as far as become standard fare for Brooklyn hipsters.

Either that’s good news to ya coz it’ll be that much easier to procure or bad… coz yr muggle co-workers will turn up with a six at the next company picnic — the same brand as you brought!

Read it and weep.

So level up and check out Dogfish Head Brewery’s offerings of recreation of vintage brews, developed in conjunction with molecular archaeologiest Dr. Patrick McGovern:


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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