‘Hieroglyphica’ exhibition at The Home of Esoteric Art in NY – Stephen Romano Gallery

The Stephen Romano Gallery has done it again for lovers of Esoteric Art and provided us with yet another reason to visit NY this month! HIEROGLYPHIC EXHIBITION until Feb 15 2016 The exhibition borrows it’s title from the 1735 Baroque illustrated book… Continue Reading

Strange Magic: Why occult-based art is about to cross your radar (if it hasn’t already)

Seems like everyone is trying to work out what the Occult Art Explosion in NY is all about?  Strange Magic: Why occult-based art is about to cross your radar (if it hasn’t already) “This week, NYU’s WSE80 Gallery, next to… Continue Reading

From Beyond the Fringes- The Emergence of Esoteric Art in New York

In between the lines of this article on the fabulous Rithika Mercent, unravels the recent surge of interest in Esoteric Art in New York “Indeed, her work seems part of a centrifuge, as more than a few recent exhibitions have… Continue Reading

#1 Occulture Story of 2015 – Richard Kaczynski

  Richard Kaczynski receives ‘#1 Occulture Story of 2015’ for ‘Spiral Nature Magazine’ on the “MAGICA SEXUALIS” art exhibition at the ‘Stephen Romano Gallery (co-curated by Stephen Romano and Barry William Hale) check out Spiral Nature Magazines : Best of Occulture… Continue Reading

Beijing Nigredo II

from http://www.factory718.com & http://www.buratti.com.au “In ancient China, it was believed that by using the life-force energy of a victim as the energetic matrix of a hexing spell, a seasoned sorcerer could filter out the energetic cords attached to his or… Continue Reading

FACTORY 718: Mao-Shan 茅山 草人/ 纸人 术

From Robert Buratti & http://www.buratti.com.au Mao-Shan 茅山 草人/ 纸人 术 pen, ink and acrylic on paper 40 x 30cm FACTORY 718 Opening 6.30pm Friday 5th December ______________________________________ Mao-Shan Straw Effigies 茅山 草人/ 纸人 术 There are 2 types of Effigies… Continue Reading