Earliest Evidence of Hekate Worship Discovered

Early last year, Italian archaeologists found the oldest evidence of worship of the Titan Hecate, at the site of 5th century BCE Greek settlement in Sicily according to Italian news outlet, Ansa:

“‘They have detected the oldest ever evidence in the Greek world of the cult of Hekate, a pre-IndoEuropean god taken up by the Greeks who reigned over the evil demons, the night and the moon,’ said Selinunte Archaeological park Director Enrico Caruso.”

Read the entire item: http://www.ansa.it/english/news/lifestyle/arts/2018/01/16/oldest-ever-trace-of-hekate-cult-found-2_fadc3aa0-c134-4ccd-815f-16eb1895f54d.html.

So, yeah, this isn’t breaking news — but I thought I’d share anyway.

Hekate, statuetta in terracotta della triplice Hecate, la più antica rappresentazione
Ufficio Stampa AIGeo

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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