Video Interview With Dr Manon Hedenborg White onBabalon, Scarlet Woman and Sacred Feminine in Thelema

Here’s an hour and 20 minute long interview with noted occult authority/author Dr Manon Hedenborg White discussing Babalon, Scarlet Woman and Sacred Feminine in Thelema. Posted comments state: “An academic overview of the Goddess Babalon from the Book of… Continue Reading

WHM CXXV – William Mortensen at 125

A MULTI-VENUE CELEBRATION OF THE 125TH BIRTHDAY OF AMERICA’S – AND HISTORY’S – GREATEST VISIONARY PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTIST.   Venues paying homage include The Heritage Museum of Orange County, curated by Annabella Pritchard, The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick curated… Continue Reading

13 Volume of O.T.O. Sweden’s BiAnnual Journal Publishing

O.T.O Sweden has published the latest and final issue of it’s biannual journal, “Solståndet,” Volume 13. This issue features informative articles and striking artwork from within Sweden and from around the world, including the likes of Manon Hedenborg White, Mitchell… Continue Reading