Wine is Elementary

Three glasses of wine

“…eat rich foods and drink sweet wines and wines that foam!” AL I:51

Thanks to the wine tastings at NOTOCON, many Thelemites get a delightful opportunity to educate themselves about wines. But what if we learned about them earlier in life? “Now, an Italian senator is proposing a new bill that would make weekly wine classes an official part of the curriculum for kids aged six to 13,” reports Danny Lewis for Smithsonian.

Senator Dario Stefàno says, “Italy is now the biggest wine producer in the world, it is our history and we should be happy and proud to teach our children about it. Lessons would cover the history and culture of winemaking. Every Italian region makes wine so it is one thing that unifies us.”

Viva l’Italia!

An Italian Senator Wants Kids to Learn About Wine in School.


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