Scarlet Imprint Publishing “Alchemy Rising: The Green Book”

The publishers, Scarlet Imprint have announced publication of a new title, Alchemy Rising: The Green Book, devoted to the topic of alchemy, plant alchemy in particular.

They state:

The Green Book is the first in a projected trilogy by the alchemist Heliophilus that aims to unveil the Sacred Art. Alchemy is the central pillar of Hermeticism, essential for both understanding and undertaking the magical work of the Western tradition, which is steeped in its symbolism. As such, the initiatory lessons of this opening volume comprise a valuable addition to the library and laboratory of alchemist, herbalist, magician or witch.

“The Green Book is concerned with plant alchemy, how to practically confect spagyrical Tinctures, Elixirs, the true Primum Ens, Plant Magisteries and the Quintessence. Also covered are the Plant Stone of Hollandus, the Plant Phoenix, the Quintessence of Blood and the Homunculus. It constitutes a complete programme of practical works from the occult laboratory of a modern day spagyricist.

“Alchemy is often thought to be impenetrable, breaking the lances of those who challenge it. The Green Book enables the reader to engage in the quest, building on key principles and cumulative experiments. The processes Heliophilus discloses follow the works of the alchemical tradition, and those of Paracelsus in particular, from whose extensive writings he has extracted the virtue, and adumbrated with his own working notes and photographic documentation.

“Recipes and methods of working are given, and artfully compared with those of Jean Dubuis, Mary Anne Atwood, Frater Albertus, Joseph Lisiewski, Van Helmont, Crollius, John French, Hollandus, Sibly and others, to indicate a path for the seeker to pursue in their own practic. The inclusion of copious folk magical receipts and sympathetic cures (including the rare weapon salve), in addition to the elixirs, tinctures, essences et cetera, make this volume a veritable treasure, showing both the philosophical theories and folk magical influences that informed his guide Paracelsus.

“The alchemical creations are produced in the laboratory and the field, extracted and perfected from the virtues of the plants growing in his native Shropshire in England. The third part of the book consists of a carefully selected Herbarium, along with invaluable guidance on the gathering and uses of plants as healing remedies for body and soul. It is a work that will potentise the philtres of the herbalist or witch and will give depth to the practice of the magic of the grimoires. The Green Book will teach you the art of distillation, how to separate the pure from the impure, and instruct in the foundational laboratory experience that will allow us to unlock the higher kingdoms.

“In crown quarto format (246 × 189 mm), 208pp, the text is illuminated by over 80 full colour photographs showing different stages of the works, and graced with two original illustrations of The Plant Phoenix and The Homunculus by Oliver Liebeskind.

“The standard hardback is printed in a Solar edition of 666 copies. Bound in grey batiste cloth stamped in gold, sunken panel, and embossed green endpapers. £60 plus postage

The fine edition is limited to 69 copies, being the number of the Great Work. Half bound in grey goatskin with marbled boards and endpapers, gilt edges, ribboned and presented in a slipcase. Each fine edition will be signed and potentised by the author with an alchemical preparation. £225 plus postage



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