The Feast of Johannes Dee

John Dee

Today, 26 March, is the Feast of Johannes (John) Dee. In his Invisible Basilica, Sabazius describes Dee thus:

English alchemist, mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, philosopher and magician. Dee was the court astrologer to both Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I, and, according to legend, conjured a windstorm which resulted in the defeat of the invading Spanish Armada. Dee was the editor of the first English translation of Euclid’s “Elements.” Dee, along with Edward Kelly were responsible for the Enochian system of magical intercourse with a hierarchy of angelic beings, a system of great importance in the magical technology of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and of Aleister Crowley, forming the basis of Liber CDXVIII: The Vision and the Voice (in The Equinox, Vol I, No. V, March 1911 e.v.) and Liber LXXXIX vel Chanokh (in The Equinox, Vol. I, Nos. VII and VIII, March and September 1912 e.v.). Some believe Dee to be the true instigator of the Rosicrucian movement.

In honor of John Dee, below is the suggested menu for a Tudor-era feast, with links to recipes:

Learn more about John Dee:


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