Teaching Sexuality Without Shame

Mother And Daughter Sit On Sofa In Lounge Reading Book Together

“All children and young people, although they may not be able to understand the more exalted heavens of our horoscope, may always be taught to rule their lives in accordance with the Law. No efforts should be spared to bring them to this emancipation. The misery caused to children by the operation of the law of the slave-gods was, one may say, the primum mobile of Our first aspiration to overthrow the Old Law.” –Liber CCC

As Thelemites, we know the power of sexuality and sex magick. How is it best to communicate with children about these complex issues in an age-appropriate manner? How do we avoid teaching young people the hypocrisy and shame associated with sexuality in most of western culture? It’s never too soon to help children to understand consent, to use proper terminology, and to speak out, says Chronogram in a recent article.

Raising Sex-Positive Kids.


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