‘The Mother of Abstraction’ Hilma Af Klint – New Doco

Looking forward to this one, Hilma af Klint has definitely and finally had her moment in the sun. Previously unknown she was included in the 80’s major exhibition  ‘The Spiritual in Art’ at LACMA in the words of the curator,… Continue Reading

The Resurgence of Spirituality in Art

Spirituality Has Long Been Erased From Art History. Here’s Why It’s Having a Resurgence Today With an Agnes Pelton show on the horizon at the Whitney, we investigate the trend for spiritually-minded art. What to do when, in the words… Continue Reading

The Medium’s Medium

The Medium’s Medium A pair of new exhibitions looks at how Spiritualism influenced modern art, and how its followers believed they could contact the dead, writes Kelly Grovier. Every age invents the language that it needs. Posterity will determine what… Continue Reading

Mediums and Visionaries Art Exhibition

Mediums and Visionaries Art Exhibition exhibition alma mediums and visionary, museu es baluard de Palma, from 14 February 2019 Es Baluard presents a new exhibition project within its cycle of thematic samples that arise from the context itself, and this… Continue Reading

MUSIC, MYSTICISM & the MUSE : Lectures & Performances announced

    Music Magick and the Muse Saturday 16 February 2019 9:00 am – 5:00 pm AEDT Larry Sitsky Recital Room School of Music Australian National University Welcome to the first of an exciting series of events where Magick and… Continue Reading

As Above, So Below – Opens this Week

As Above, So Below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics   As Above, So Below Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics Major group exhibition and accompanying programme of events exploring spirituality in visual art to open at IMMA 13 April – 27… Continue Reading


“THE LANGUAGE OF BIRDS” get Best ART EXHIBITION of 2016 on DISINFO The BOWIE SHRINE ON LAFAYETTE STREET and “THE LANGUAGE OF BIRDS” curated by Pam Grossman Deadly freezing cold outside. Two events, just a few blocks apart in New… Continue Reading

Imponderable: Two exhibitions for the Occult Minded

The Beauty of Belief It’s been a beautiful summer, at least in the Northeast, but much about the current election cycle has made it something of a challenge to have any sort of fun at all. How doubly grateful we… Continue Reading

IMAGO MENTIS: Theosophical Thought-form Drawings

IMAGO MENTIS: Theosophical Thought-form Drawings – LEXICON MAGAZINE By Barry William Hale “To paint in the earth’s dull colours the forms clothed in the living light of other worlds is a hard and thankless task: so much the more gratitude… Continue Reading