Sexism in Sex Toys?

Entry to CES 2019

Last year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) displayed the voluptuous sex robot Solana. This year, they displayed a MysteryVibe sex toy for men. Also this year, they’ve banned a hands-free vibrator for being “immoral and obscene.”

Rewire reports:

Before the Las Vegas show, the Osé was given an award in the robotics and drone product category by a panel of judges impressed with its innovation. But the organizers of the convention at the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) rescinded the award and told the company it could not display its products at the trade show. CTA officials told Fortune in a statement: “The product referenced does not fit into any of our existing product categories and should not have been accepted for the Innovation Awards Program.”

The Ose hands-free vibratorAccording to BBC:

In a statement to The Next Web, the CTA said: “The product does not fit into any of our existing product categories and should not have been accepted.

“We have apologised to the company for our mistake.”

But, in a statement on the Lora DiCarlo website, Ms Haddock cites several examples of other female-oriented products included in the award category the vibrator was in.

“Two robotic vacuum cleaners, one robotic skateboard, four children’s toys, one shopping companion robot – looks like all of women’s interests are covered, right?” she said.

“Ose clearly fits the robotics and drone category – and CTA’s own expert judges agree.”

The Sun reports that a sex toy for men exhibited at CES: “The Tenuto sex toy is designed to strap around the base of the penis and stimulate both the shaft and balls.” One can assume therefore that sex toys are acceptable for display. Why the difference?

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Many thanks to Frater Von Hohenheim for the lead!


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