Marie Antoinette’s Love Letters Revealed

Portrait of Marie AntoinetteI will end [this letter] but not without telling you, my dear and gentle friend, that I love you madly and that there is never a moment in which I do not adore you.

“Dated January 4, 1792, the declaration of love was penned in black ink six months after the count unsuccessfully tried to spirit her and her captive husband out of Paris. A year later, Louis XVI would be executed,” reports The Telegraph.

Using cutting-edge x-ray and different infrared scanners, researchers in France were able to separate original writing from scribbles intended to black-out secret passages from Marie Antoinette’s letters to Axel de Fersen, a friend of France’s royal family. The letters confirm that the two were indeed carrying on an affair, and bring evidence to support the rumors that Antoinette’s children Louis Charles and Sophie were fathered by Fersen.

The results of this research will be available to the public on August 1, 2016 in I Love You Madly – Marie-Antoinette: The Secret Letters, by Eveyln Farr.

Marie-Antoinette’s torrid affair with Swedish count revealed in decoded letters.

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