Making Babies on Mars

Matt Damon in a scene from The Martian

The gravity is different. The atmosphere is different. Everything is different. It’s like another planet!

Oh wait, that’s because it is.

New research published in Futures examines the possibility not just of sexual congress, but also of having children on Mars, suggesting that we may well end up with a new subspecies of humanity — one that would do well on Mars but not so much on Earth.

Highlights of the study:

  • Future human long-term Mars mission requires human reproduction.
  • Human reproductive processes in a space environment may fail.
  • Long-term Mars base will require a new solution for human reproductive biology and is a challenge for ethical values.

BGR notes: “With just one-third the gravity of Earth, Mars travelers will be subjected to a whole range of health problems. Scientists know this because astronauts who have spent months and in some cases years in space have been closely studied for changes to their biology. Lower gravity causes muscles to deteriorate rapidly and can even weaken bone structure. On top of that, astronauts sometimes experience vision problems and even changes to the shape of their brains.”

The Sun claims, “One expert recently told The Sun that Martians would simulate sex using virtual reality.”

And how will this all affect sex magick? Will you be part of the experiment?

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