Latest Thoth Tarot Card Sighting

Dr. Richard Kaczysnki posted to FB about his latest “Thoth Tarot” sighting.

“We wrap up the current set of Thoth Sightings updates with this vintage find from May 16, 1985: that time when ABC news program 20/20 bought into the Satanic Panic and aired its sensational segment ‘The Devil Worshippers,’ briefly featuring a shot of the Thoth Tarot’s ‘The Devil,’ natch. Thanks to Kikhos Ba-Midhbar for the sighting.”

This joins an extensive listing of such sightings in mainstream media that Richard and his correspondents have noted and collected at

The page features this explanation:

“Upon its first color publication in 1971, the captivating and provocative images of the Thoth Tarot vaulted into the visual of lexicon of popular culture, lending its exotic touch to television, motion pictures, comic books, and album covers. Originally designed by Aleister Crowley and painted by Frieda Lady Harris during World War II, the Thoth Tarot quickly became one of the biggest-selling Tarot decks in the world.

“This page is a real-time version of the Thoth sightings appendix from my paper “The Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot: Collaboration and Innovation” in Emily E. Auger (ed.), Tarot in Culture (2014). That appendix reflects what I had discovered by 2009 when I presented my findings to the annual meetings of the Popular Culture Association. The list has since grown substantially, and I plan to keep it updated here.  Not included are books that deal specifically with Aleister Crowley, occultism, the Thoth Tarot, or Tarot in general, as my goal is to document the images’ spillover into other areas of popular culture.

“Emily Auger added significantly and generously to this list by sharing research from her forthcoming book, Cartomancy and Tarot in Film 1940-2010; please buy her book when it comes out.  Thanks also to the following keen-eyed Thoth-spotters who brought their sightings to my attention: Krzysztof Azarewicz, Kikhos Ba-Midhbar, Antti Balk, William Breeze, Lisa Coffin, Madeleine le Despencer, Charles DeYoe, Skott Holck, Sophia Horodysky, Danny Johnson, Hank Kuhfeldt, Kerry Kurowski, Ron Lelito, Shellay Maughan, Jessica Melusine, Julian Nichols, Stephanie Olmstead-Dean, Laurence Roberts, Peter Scott, Sondra L. Scott, Frater Serendipitous, Trina Simpson-Parker, Curt Steinmetz, Arild Strømsvåg, Patrick Sullivan, Christopher Surprise, Bryce Svob, Marco Visconti, Chris Walker, and Ilan Weiler.

“All images are presented for educational purposes. The Thoth Tarot is © Ordo Templi Orientis, all rights reserved.”


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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