Gurdjieff Disciple Covers Song by Crowley Disciple

Here’s another episode of Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lunch video series. As some of you might know, veteran avant-guitarist Robert Fripp is a long time devotee of the teachings of Russian mystic, George Gurdjieff via his disciple John G. Bennett. Gurdjieff was a contemporary of Aleister Crowley’s and there are some apocryphal tails of the two meeting in person.  A number of Fripp’s releases in the 80’s included snippets of recorded lectures by Bennett. In turn, Living Thelema host David Shoemaker is a devotee of Fripp’s whose participated in several of his Guitar Craft courses.

In this episode, T&R perform “Black Dog” a song co-written by James Page, a former owner of Boleskine House, possibly the world’s best known admirer of the Prophet of the Lovely star.

Can’t get more Thelema-centric than that now can ya?


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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