Not Without My Ghosts: The Artist As Medium

    Marco Pasi is at it again working with curator Bang Larsen and Simon Grant curating another exciting exhibition at the intersection of Art and Spiritualism, Automatism & Supernatural agency. Of course Georgina Houghton looks to be predominately featured.… Continue Reading

Japanese Supernatural Art Exhibition

Japan Supernatural: Ghosts, Goblins and Monsters 1700s to Now Discover a fascinating world in an exhibition like no other, featuring over 180 wildly imaginative works by Japanese artists past and present. Step into the shadows and come face-to-face with an astonishing array… Continue Reading

The Resurgence of Spirituality in Art

Spirituality Has Long Been Erased From Art History. Here’s Why It’s Having a Resurgence Today With an Agnes Pelton show on the horizon at the Whitney, we investigate the trend for spiritually-minded art. What to do when, in the words… Continue Reading

Amy Hale on the Magical Life and Art of Ithell Colquhoun

  A fantastic podcast holiday season interlude with the Amy Hale and Earl Fontainelle on SWEP –  ‘Secret History of Western Esotericism Podcast’ talking about Ithell Colquhoun. I have to admit I was surprised to see this addition to the podcast as… Continue Reading

The Medium’s Medium

The Medium’s Medium A pair of new exhibitions looks at how Spiritualism influenced modern art, and how its followers believed they could contact the dead, writes Kelly Grovier. Every age invents the language that it needs. Posterity will determine what… Continue Reading

The Artist Who Embraced the Occult and Defied the Surrealists

The Artist Who Embraced the Occult and Defied the Surrealists British artist Ithell Colquhoun’s uncanny paintings are full of androgynous gods, murderous goddesses, yoni-like fruit, and disembodied, fleshy parts floating across hallucinatory, dreamlike landscapes. “My life is uneventful, but I sometimes… Continue Reading